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As sustainable and green-built interiors have emerged as the norm both in the corporate workplace and healthcare environments, architects, designers, facility managers, building owners, real estate professionals, general contractors, and end users are changing their visions for their projects.  

Virtually all companies are looking or more sensitive solutions as they consider their corporate footprint on the environment.  In addition to this, costruction costs continue to rise and the generational change in skilled workers is leaving a gap in the industry, which is giving way to an increase in costs, causing delays and extending completion schedules.  Together with these challenges to new construction projects, companies are also looking at the cost of managing change within existing facilities.

These situations and conditions in the North American market are bringing to light modular interior construction methodologies, which have been the norm in Europe for a long time.

We have partnered with the local DIRTT distribution partner, Constructiv, for solutions to build better interiors.  As the DIRTT distribution partner, Constructiv is using a construction methodology that will streamline interior build-outs and are not only setting the standard, but leading with the technology for the future on interior construction.  Please visit their website to learn more about DIRTT and these exciting solutions.





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