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Check out some new introductions

Keep your facilities Agile with Alterna from Kimball. 
Change is easy with  modular cabinetry.


This is the direction of office design today.  Designers are looking for product solutions that help them create a sense of space for the workers.  Products that allow the workers to work the way that suites them best.  People want choices in the workplace.  They are looking for environments which foster creativity, indivuality and cooperation.

Kimball continues to be an industry leader as they introduce quality products
to meet the needs of today's office environments.

Parings by Kimball


  KORE -  New open plan benching solution from Kimball Office


CANOPY -  New from Kimball Office

Canopy can be set up to accommodate different configurations within the same grouping.  From benching to lounge to freestanding, Canopy fits all functions and workstyles.



Narrate provides clean and simple lines and allows for customization to work in every environment.  From low benching to full height, Narrate is a great solution to consider in designing almost any space.






NASH            THEO          SPLENDOR

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 Interesting Links

We have provided these web links for your convenience. They fall within our ongoing efforts for further industry education, point our visitors to other sites that share a common vision or standard, or simply be provided for general interest. Let us know if you find them helpful.

City of Spokane’s SMART Business Recognition Program

Contract Resource Group has been recognized as a Sustainable Management of Assets, Resources and Technology (SMART) Business by the City of Spokane!  We have received recognition at the Certified level for our Green Building Innovation and at the Participant level for our commitment to be make changes to be more energy efficient, reduce pollution emissions and reduce waste.  




Local Artist on display at Contract Resource Group

We have several local artists who have work on display at our showroom. 

E.L. Stewart is well known for intriguing figure work.  She attended a private design school on scholarship with a major focus on illustration, graphic design and advertising, moving to Spokane in 1974. Stewart continues to paint independently and passionately using the figure as subject and metaphor as well, combining personal imagery, prophetic dreams, and abstract elements to challenge the viewer on an intimate level. 

Tom Bowman's preferred medium is colored pencil.  He likes that they are "easy to carry...they're perfect for hiking and climbing mountains."  For Tom, an avid outdoorsman, and nature lover, the next bend in the road could lead to a river or a mounaintop, an encounter with a bear or squid.  After traveling in all 50 states and over 35 countries, his portfolios speak for themselves. 

Linda Lowry combines a background in art and photography from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, with a passion for travel.  The result is not a typical travelogue-style "postcard" photos, but is an attempt to capture an emotional response to what is perceived as the essence of a place or culture.

Jeff Allison uses many differet types of paint in conjunction with each other; latex, oils, enamels, lacquers... whatever he can get his hands on. He has found that by mixing different types of paint he can achieve textures and reactions not possible when using enamels or oil alone.